A mixing equipment is a combustion chamber where a burner has been attached to generate a stream consisting of air and the gases from the combustion itself.

This air is introduced perpendicularly to the axe of the chamber, in such a way that when advancing through the circular crown created between the outside shell and the chamber, this one is refrigerated and the air is then mixed with the combustion gases.

When the refrigeration of the chamber becomes insufficient as a result of the air circulating around it, it must be lined with refractory cement or masonry.

These equipment are suitable for processes where an indirect heating is not necessary and a mixing of air and combustion gases may be introduced in.

Their main advantage is a lower consumption of fuel, since they have not losses by the stack, unavoidable in any indirect heating.

Sketch of a mixing combustion chamber


In the chemical, ceramic, mineral, farming industry, etc., and generally in those processes which do not require any addition of heat by indirect gases or air heating.


Useful heat capacity: Up to 10.000.000 Kcal/h.

Flue-gases mixing temperature: Up to 1.000 oC.

Working pressure: According to the needs of the plant.


Combustion chamber Made in steel sheet, highly resistant to heat, and interiorly lined with refractory cement or masonry for a gases mixing temperature from 500 oC on.

Flue-gases mixing temperature: Up to 1.000 oC.

Fuel All kind of commercial fuel, be it liquid or gaseous, can be used.


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