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Desde 08/10/2018

Kalfrisa will participate as an exhibitor at the Funergal fair, a fair with accredited international recognition, which will be held on November 9th and 10th, 2018 in Ourense.
The fair is considered as the professional appointment of the funerary sector of the peninsular northwest, which brings together entrepreneurs from Spain and Portugal around the latest developments in the sector.

Kalfrisa has been present at the Intertabac Fair.

Desde 27/09/2018

InterTabac (Messe Dortmund). World's Largest Trade Fair for Tobacco Products and Smoking Accessories.

Kalfrisa has been present at the Intertabac Fair where more than 15,000 visitors meet every year to learn about the latest developments in the sector worldwide.
625 exhibitors from round about 54 countries showed their unique product and service offer covering all aspects of tobacco consumption.


Desde 19/06/2018

Kalfrisa has established a new productive center for the expansion of its activity in Polígono Malpica, located at the East of Zaragoza. These are industrial land and a three levels premises covering 8.000 m2.
The opening of this new production center means to expand the actual productive capacity of Kalfrisa, so adapting to the current needs of manufacture of heat recovery systems, air or gases heating, gases thermal and incineration equipment with a final aim to maintain quality and service standards the actual market requires.
This new productive center is located at:
Polígono Malpica
Calle D, número 65
50016 Zaragoza
Tfno. +34 976 470940
Fax. +34 976 471595


Desde 28/05/2018

Kalfrisa once again guarantees the emissions of a cremation kiln according to the strict French regulations. In the town of Pont-à-Mousson, in the north of France, Kalfrisa will adapt the existing model X5 / F kiln with the necessary equipment so that its gas emissions meet the environmental requirements of the neighboring country.

A new Kalfrisa cremation kiln is put into operation.

Desde 28/05/2018

A new Kalfrisa cremation kiln is put into operation, at Funeraria El Ferreiro in the municipality of La Espina (Asturias).

On December 21st, 2017, the cremation kiln model Merkur of El Ferreiro Funeral Home was launched. The owner and manager of the facility, Fernando José Vega, has shown his satisfaction for being able to give this service to the residents of La Espina and its surroundings. This new installation responds to the demand of citizens who were forced to move to other places.

With this kiln, Funeraria El Ferreiro seeks to offer the quality service that has always characterized them. It also meets the legal requirements of the sector and the needs of a society that, according to statistics, will reach 70 percent cremation services within ten years.

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